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Mitchel "Mitch" Anthony

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My name is Mitchel a.k.a. Mitch. I am the General Manager here at Mulligan Heating And Air. Being the G.M is very rewarding because I get to be a part of every aspect of the day to day operations.

With 25 years of HVAC experience, specializing in:

  • Heat Pump Service

  • Air Conditioning Service

  • Duct Design

  • Duct System Installation

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication


I can service all residential and light commercial units, lay out and design duct systems for new construction and fabricate any duct fitting needed for our trade.


When out in the field meeting with new clients, builders or our team, I enjoy sharing my fun, relaxed and positive demeanor. The teams I get to work with in the office and in the field are truly amazing!!


At the end of the day when work is put aside I enjoy spending my time with my fiancée and our two dogs Oscar and Bentley (yes! Oscar is a wiener dog!!), going on bike rides, walks on the beach or just staying inside watching our favorite vampire movie with a big bowl of popcorn.


A few other interests of mine are vintage motorcycles, vintage cars and collecting coins.

Kerri Schultz

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Hello All!


I'm Kerri, the Administrative Director. My position includes an array of tasks, from bookkeeping to business strategy & efficiency to company culture and so on. I think you get the point - HA! When I'm not working remotely, you'll find me at the office spreading my cheer and laughter, while working on the next great strategy. Ha ha!


 ~~ Work hard. Play hard. ~~

I LOVE working with the tight knit crew we have here at Mulligan Heating and Air! There is a good amount of humor and so, we share a lot of laughs! 

When I am clocked out, you'll find me:

  • Spending time with my favorite human - Jeff, my husband and my favorite animal, Deza Boo, my pitbull.

  • Eating at one of our many fave spots in & around Savannah.

  • People-watching.

  • Dancing around my living room with the mic (remote control) and attempting to rap to my fave Missy Elliot song...did I mention that I am an ultimate nerd?! 

  • Checking out as many music festivals and/or concerts as possible with my favorite human.

  • Exploring new places.

Zachary "Zach" Taylor

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I'm Zach, a Start-Up Technician & Shop Manager. My duties range from welding and wiring up units to performing system maintenances.


One may not know it but I work on one of the most important household appliances, because how long would it take for one to notice that their AC or heating was out? I'll tell you...not long at all! It just makes you think how much we appreciate HVAC but don't think about it until it goes out. 

I enjoy my job and all who I work along with. 

Off the clock, I enjoy the outdoors. My hobbies include tree climbing, fishing and hiking. Pretty much anything as long as it's outdoors! I'd describe myself as an outgoing person, easy to approach and just as easy to chat with.

Small Team, BIG Culture

Small Team, BIG Culture

We may be a small team but we sure are MIGHTY with Smiles!

Zach, The Designated...

Zach, The Designated...

...Pizza Cutter! Ha ha! Look at that focus!

Kerri, Captor of RADness!

Kerri, Captor of RADness!

...NOT at gaining bowling points! Ha Ha!

Mitch, The Bowler

Mitch, The Bowler

...Showing us all what Good Form is when bowling. Ha!

Zach Winning...

Zach Winning...

...All the tickets in the arcade! He has some serious gaming skills!

Kerri giving a Thumbs Up!

Kerri giving a Thumbs Up!

How Kerri feels about working at Mulligan Heating and Air :)

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